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What People Are Saying About MahiMattPhoto
Ann King- Sports Information Director,
The Sage Colleges

"Matt Milless provides an extremely high-quality of service at a great value. He is so easy to work with and extremely professional and creative. He has a great sense of what looks good and nows how to make things happen. He is also extremely flexible and so personable making him the perfect person for any job! He is conscientious and extremely organized. I can not say enough about how lucky I was to find him and how he has helped bring our photographic coverage to the next level with his talent and flexibility!"

Charlie Casey - Senior Editor of News & Publications, Union College
"MahiMattPhoto is prompt, hardworking and creative. He anticipates challenges and offers practical solutions. From editorial to creative to sports to portraits, MahiMattPhoto produces compelling, beautiful -- even unusual-- images that make our pubs and web sing." 
(Covers By Matt)


Heidi B - Mother
"Working with MahiMattPhoto is a truly stress-free experience!! He handles it all, so I don't have to worry about a thing. Matt is professional & friendly and has an eye for capturing beautiful moments. I have recommended MahiMattPhoto to almost everyone I know because I can guarantee that if you work with MahiMattPhoto once, you'll want to work with him again!" I am a little high-strung and my son is camera-shy, Matt managed to create an experience that we were comfortable in. I left there not only with incredible pictures, but with memories of a great Sunday morning. He is a fantastic photographer & new friend, I am lucky to have met him.

Shanique- Bride
Matt, I can't tell you how much I love the photos! I knew y
ou were really good, but these photos are amazing. You captured so many special moments! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
My family thought you were great and really helpful. My mother watched the slideshows so many times. Thank you for reminding me to smile and really enjoy all the moments of the weekend. You really helped me to destress! Thank you again for agreeing to be our photographer -- you are too humble with your craft!

James Luft - Prepress & Customer Service Representative, Corcoran Printing

"Matt Milless of Mahimattphoto is the epitome of what we look for in any new customer; quality projects, an open line of communication and the desire to go above and beyond in order to bring a project to life. I believe that if you can acquire Mahimattphoto for your next event, the end result will be as close to perfection as possible. We always look forward to working with Matt on his next venture and we're sure you will too!"

Paul DeBiase - Manager/Leader/Drummer, Grand Central Station Band               

"If you are reading this, you are probably interested in working with Mahimatt Photo.

My name is Paul DeBiase and I am the Manager/Leader/Drummer for the Grand Central Station Band. We are an East Coast Party/Corporate band that has been established since 1974. I contacted Matt and explained my vision and what I hoped to achieve. I was looking to update my website and marketing materials with a fresh new look. Matt had the creative knowledge and totally revamped our site. His work is AMAZING. If you are considering his talents, you will be totally satisfied.  In a few short months our web traffic has doubled and our bookings have increased by 30% over previous years. I have no doubt that this was due to Mahimatt photo.  Please feel free to contact us for further information. Visit to see Matt's photography, video, and site design work."

Dan Pike-Promotional Consultant, iPromo LLC
I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt for the past couple of years and working with him at MahiMattPhoto on a number of projects. Working with Matt on these projects was an absolute pleasure and incredibly informative for me personally. Within days of working with Matt it’s easy to tell he’s a hardworking and inspiring expert in his field.  I know I will utilize Matt’s services in the future and sincerely enjoyed working with him on every level. His professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail are most definitely unmatched and his artistic eye and talent is most definitely unsurpassed.  Ultimately, Matt is a loyal friend and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to say; if you get the chance to work with Matt, take it.

Visit for your next custom logo printing order.  Ask for Dan he will offer great services and quality pricing.


Eric McDowell
- Assistant Director of Athletics-S
ports Information, Union College
"Matt Milless provides quality service at an extremely affordable pric
e. He is timely and organized and his turnaround is excellent. He is personable and can handle any situation that arises at any event. The quality of the product is first class. If you want affordability, convenience, and a great product, Matt is your person to hire."

Ava Jolie - 1 Year Old
Dear Matt,  Thank you for all the beautiful photos you took of me this past year.  From Halloween, to Valentines Day, to my 1st birthday were there and captured every special moment.  I know my Mommy can be demanding sometimes and I know that I can be fussy and cranky (but hey, it gets me more attention and an occasional cookie) but through it all, you just smile, make us relax, and click away capturing priceless memories that I will cherish when I grow up.  You even let me play with your camera stuff.  So cool!  I know that Mommy loves how flexible you are to schedule, the joy of seeing some photos of me on facebook the same day, the editing and special effects you do for her, and receiving a beautiful slide show and CD the following day.  Do you ever sleep Matt?  If not, I'm up at night too so maybe we could play?  But most of all, my BFF Matt, my family loves you!  They think you are so polite, so friendly, so kind, and so generous.  Thanks Matt...I am sure I will be smiling again for you soon. Love, Ava