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November 24th W. Soccer Stonehill vs St. Rose
November 11th Sage W. Basketball vs. AM
November 11th Sage M. Basketball vs Purchase
September 29th Sage Field Hockey vs. Dean
September 29th Sage Hall of Fame
September 28th Sage W.Soccer vs. Utica
Septmeber 21st Sage M. Soccer vs. Elmira 
September 21st Sage Tennis vs Houghton 
September 20th Sage Volleyball vs. Skidmore
September 18th Sage Volleyball vs. Bard
September 14th Sage Field Hockey vs Keuka
September 14th Sage M. Soccer vs. Oneonta
September 1st Sage W. Soccer vs. John Jay 
May 11th Sage Commencement Graduation 
April 28th Sage Athletics Banquet
April 20th Sage Track and Field at U Albany
April 3rd Sage Softball vs. Union
March 31st Sage M. Lacrosse vs Stevens
March 28th Sage M. Tennis vs. MCLA
March 27th Sage Lax vs. Utica
March 20th Sage Softball vs Westfield St.
March 9th Sage W. Lacrosse vs. Plattsburgh
February 23rd Sage M. Lacrosse vs. West Conn. 
January 26th Sage M. Volleyball vs Purchase
January 26th Sage M. Volleyball vs Northern VT
January 26th Northern Vermont M. Volleyball
November 28th Sage W.Basketball vs Middlebury
November 26th Sage M.Basketball vs MCLA
September 29th Sage. W Soccer vs. Emerson 
September 29th Sage Cross Country 
September 22nd Sage M. Soccer vs. Houghton
September 19th Sage Volleyball vs. Hartwick
September 15th Sage Field Hockey vs. Brockport
September 15th Sage M. Soccer vs. Nazareth
September 15th Sage W. Field Hockey vs. Utica College
September 5th Sage W. Volleyball vs SUNY Delhi
September 2nd Sage Tennis SUNY Delhi
September 2nd Sage W. Soccer vs Casselton
May 12th Sage Commencement 
April 30th Sage Athletics Banquet
April 29th Union Track at RPI
April 29th Sage Track at RPI
April 24th Union W. Golf
April 21st Sage M. Tennis
April 21st Sage Alum Basketball Game
April 10th Sage Softball vs Skidmore 
April 8th Union Crew vs Vassar
April 8th Union W. Softball vs RPI
March 24th Sage W. Lacrosse vs Houghton
 March 16th Sage Lacrosse vs USMMA
March 14 Union M. Lacrosse vs. Mount St. Mary
March 6th Union W. Lacrosse vs. Cortland
February 2nd Sage M. Volleyball vs. Wells
January 26th Sage M. Volleyball vs. Sunypoly
January 6th Sage M. Basketball vs. Elmira
January 6th Sage W. Basketball vs. Elmira 


December 30th Union Swimming
December 9th Sage W. Basketball vs. Union
November 21st Sage W. Basketball vs. RPI
November 21st Sage M. Basketball vs. RPI
November 15th Union M. Basketball vs Hartwick
November 15th Union W. Basketball vs Hartwick
October 14th Sage M. Soccer vs. Utica
October 14th Sage W. Soccer vs. Houghton
October 13th Union M. Hockey vs. UMASS
September 30th Union M. Soccer vs. Vassar
September 30th Sage W. VB vs Lasell
September 23rd Union W. Soccer vs Vassar
April 30th Sage Banquet 2017
April 29th Union Track @ RPI
April 29th Sage Track @ RPI 
April 23rd Sage Softball vs. St. Joe
April 22nd Sage Alumni Basketball Game
April 22nd Sage Softball vs. Sarah Lawrence
April 22nd Sage W. Lax vs. Farmingdale
April 11th Sage W. Lax vs Elms College
April 9th Sage M. Tennis vs Farmingdale
April 7th Sage Track at ACP 
April 1st Sage Softball vs. Purchase 
March 18th Sage M. Volleyball vs. Hunter
February 24th Union College vs Hobart Liberty League Championships 
January 28th Sage M. VB Vs Keuka and Mount Ida 
January 17th Sage M. Basketball vs Mt. St. Vincent
January 17th Sage W. Basketball vs SUNY Purchase
January 7th Sage W. Basketball vs St Joseph's
January 7th Sage M. Basketball vs. USMM


November 22nd Sage M. Basketball vs. RPI
November 22nd Sage W. Basketball vs. RPI
October 15th Sage W. Soccer vs. Old Westbury
October 15th Sage M. Soccer vs. Mt. St. Vincent
September 16th Sage W. Volleyball vs. Potsdam and Fredonia
September 10th Sage W. Soccer vs. Souther Vermont College
September 10th Sage Cross Country
September 7th Sage W. Volleyball vs. Delhi
Septembe 6th Sage M. Soccer vs. Cazenovia
May 14th Sage Graduation
April 25th Sage Banquet
APril 17th Sage Alumni Volleyball 
April 17th Sage ALumni Soccer 
April 16th Sage Alumni Basketball 
April 2nd Sage Softball vs Farmingdale State
March 31st Sage M. Tennis
March 29th Sage W. Lacrosse vs Bard
March 26th Softball Sage vs. Skidmore
March 11th Sage Lax vs. SUNY Polly
February 16th Sage vs. Old Westbury Skyline Champ
Old Westbury Celebration Skyline Champ
January 6th Sage M. Basketball vs Maritime
January 6th Sage W. Basketball vs Skidmore
January 6th Sage Banner Ceremonies
January 31st Sage M. Volleyball vs Lehman
January 31st Sage M. Volleyball vs Mount Ida
January 30th Union W. Hockey vs. Colgate 
January 16th Union W. Hockey vs RPI


November 8th Union W. Hockey vs. SLU
November 1st Union Football vs Hobart
October 11th Sage M. Soccer vs. Yeshiva

October 6th Sage W. VB vs MCLA

September 27th Sage W. Soccer vs St Joseph's
September 15th Sage W. Tennis
September 4th Sage M. Soccer vs. Union
September 2nd Sage W. VB vs SUNY POLLY
September 1st Sage W. Soccer vs ACP 
April 27th 2015 Sage Athletics Banquet 
April 12th Sage Softball vs SUNY Purchase
April 11th Sage Tack @ Smith College
April 3rd Sage Softball vs. Sarah Lawrence
April 2nd Sage W. Lacrosse vs Maritime
March 29 Sage M. Tennis vs Yeshiva
February 28th Sage M. Basketball Skyline Championships
February 28th Union M. Ice Hockey Seniors 
February 14th Sage M. Volleyball 2 games
February 14th Sage W. LAX in Armory 
February 7th Sage W. Basketball vs. St. Joesph's College
February 7th Sage M. Basketball vs. St. Joesph's College
February 3rd Sage M. Basketball vs. Sarah Lawrence
Mayors Cup Union College vs. RPI College Hockey
January 10th Union W. Hockey vs Dartmouth (Pink at The Rink)
January 3rd Union W. Hockey vs. Princeton
November 22nd Sage W. Basketball vs Cobleskill
November 19th Sage M. Basketball Team Photos
November 19th 2014 Sage M. Basketball vs. ACP
March 2nd Sage W. Basketball vs. Mt. St. Vincent
February 10th Sage M. Volleyball vs Ramapo
January 30th Sage M. Volleyball vs. Suny IT
January 11th Sage W. Basketball vs Farmingdale
January 11th Sage W. Basketball vs St. Joseph's
November 26th Sage M. Basketball vs RPI
November 26th Sage W. Basketball vs RPI
November 13 Sage W. Volleyball ECAC
November 2nd Pileated Woodpecker
October 13th W. Volleyball vs Maritime 
October 13th W. Volleyball vs Yeshiva
October 13th W. Tennis vs. Yeshiva 
September 27th Sage Track
September 24th Sage W. Tennis vs St. Rose
September 14th Sage W. Soccer vs. Postdam
September 6th Sage M. Soccer vs. Skidmore
September 4th Sage W. Volleyball vs. Skidmore
September 4th Sage W. Soccer vs. Albany College of Pharmacy
August 31st Sage XCC Suny IT Meet
August 30th Sage M. Soccer vs. Suny IT
August 25th Ricketts Glenn State Park 
July 13 Waxwing, Heronn and Other Birds
July 8th New Hampshire White Mts., Scenic Flight, and More
June 22nd Turtle and Chipmunk
June 10th Boston Little Italy food tour
June 5th Justin's Home Run Derby
April 30th Sage Athletics Banquet
April 21st Siena Softball
April 20th Sage Alumni Basketball
April 18th Sage Softball vs. Union

April 4th Sage Softball vs. Skidmore
April 2nd Sage Lax vs. MTSM
March 28th Sage Lacrosse vs Old Westbury
March 24th Union Hockey NCAA Bracket Reaction
March 23nd Sage Tennis vs. Mt. St. Mary's
Division III Hockey National Championships
March 16th Championship Game
Wisconsin Eau Claire vs Oswego State

March 15th Wisconsin Eau Claire vs Utica
March 15th Norwich vs Oswego State

February 22nd M. Basketball Union Vs. RPI
January 26th M. Ice Hoceky Union vs. RPI Mayors Cup
January 26th Sage W. Basketball vs Farmingdale State
January 26th Sage M. Basketball vs Farmingdale State
January 23rd Sage M.Volleyball vs Bard
January 19th Sage W. Basketball vs. Mt. St. Marys
January 12th Owls and More
January 5th Baltimore Aquarium
January 3rd Hawks, Bald Eagle, and More
December 27th American Kestrel, Deer, Great Blue Heron
December 20th Elk In Elk County Pennsylvania
December 4th Sage M. Basketball vs St. Josephs
December 4th Sage M. Soccer Trophy
November 27th M. Basketball Sage vs. Bard
November 18th M. Basketball Ohio State vs. Washington
November 17th M. Basketball Ohio State vs. Rhode Island
November 15th Sage W. Basketball vs. Plattsburgh
November 4th Sage W. VB vs. NYU-Poly
November 2nd Sage M. Soccer vs Mt.St. Mary's
October 12th Sage Golf
October 2012 Union College Fall Images
Sept 21st Sage W. Soccer vs. NYU Polly
Sept 21st Red Tailed Hawk/Squirrel WARNING:These images cold be seen as graphic by some. There is a dead Squirrel in the photographs.
Sept 15th Sage Volleyball Union Tournament
Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider (Argiope)
Sept 12th Sage W. Soccer vs Rampao
Sept 8 Sage M. Soccer vs. Cobelskill
Sept. 5 Sage Tennis vs. Hartwick
Sept. 5th Sage Volleyball vs. SUNY Cobelskill
September 4th Sage M. Soccer vs. Bard
September 1st Sage Cross Country SUNY IT Invitational
July North East Photography (Birds, Lighthouses, Waterfalls, Scenic Views, and More)
May 18th Kingbird and More
May 10th Black Bear In Schenectady Historic Stockade
April 28th Sage Alumni Basketball Game
Union Hockey's Journey to the Frozen Four 
(Game photos not listed due to copyright regulations)

April 25th Sage Softball Playoff vs. Farmingdale
April 24th Eboo Patel Lecture
April 23rd Sage Athletics Banquet
April 19th Bob Woodward Lecture
April 13th Professional Painter Neneki Nick McGee
April 5th Pink Moon Over Tampa
April 3 Frozen 4 Union Hockey send off
March 30th Sage M. Tennis
March 21 Sage Lacrosse vs NEC
March 20th Coopers and Red Tailed Hawk
March 18th Sage Softball vs. Southern VT
March 17th Sage Softball vs. Cazenovia
March 10th Sage Lacrosse vs Utica
March 2nd Thruway Acapella Concert
March 2nd Union Winter (Updated)
February 24th Eric Hutchinson/Ingrid Michaelson Concert
February 20th Civil Rights Activist Bernard Lafayette
February 11th Union W. Hockey Senior Night
February 11th STEP Regional Science Bowl Hosted by Union
January 31st Sage vs. Keen M. Volleyball
January 29th Sage M. Volleyball
January 28th Union Football Banquet
January 15 Saratoga Park Deer
December 22nd Niagara Falls NY
December 29th-ish Bald Eagle, Cyotes, Cardinals, and More
December 8th W. Basketball Sage vs. Purchase
December 8th M. Basketball Sage vs. Purchase
December 1st Red Tailed Hawk
November 15th W. Basketball Sage vs. Skidmore
November 12th Union Football Senior Day
November 12th Union College Hall Of Fame Induction
November 10th Pit Bull Workshop
November 7th Hill Harper (CSI NY)
November 5th ECAC Cross Country Championship
October 29th Football Union vs. RPI
October 29th M. Hockey Union vs. AIC
October 22nd Freddy's Fund
October 18th Sage vs. Union PINK
October 16th Union Community Service Day
October 10th Vale Cemetery Schenectady NY
October 3rd Union College Panoramic
Sept 27th Union Library Party
Sept 25th W. Volleyball Sage vs. St. Joesph
Sept 25th W. Tennis Sage vs Yeshiva
Sept. 24th W.Soccer Sage vs. St. Joesph
Sept. 11th M.Soccer Sage vs. Yeshiva
Sept. 11th Memorial Union College
Sept 7. Praying Mantis
Sept.6 W. Volleyball Sage vs. Bard
Sept. 4th Union College Move In Day
Sept 3 W. Sage Soccer vs. Castleton
Sept. 1 M. Sage Soccer vs. Suny IT
August 28 Schenectady Flood
Union College Summer Photos (Ongoing)
August 17 Man on the Nott Memorial
August 15 Gardens and Bees
August 13 Red Tailed Hawk Memorial Chapel
August 6 Dresses Made from Trash
August 6 Montreal
July 27 Fire & Water
July 15th Stills in Motion Live from Clinton's Ditch
(1149 photos in 3 min)

July 3 Sunset Verona NY
July 1 Scotia NY Fireworks
June 26 Lake Colgate Catskills
June 21 & 23 Piseco Lake in the Adirondack Mountains
June 18th Cats Eyes
June 4th Flowers, Rabbit, Yard Birds, and More
June 3rd Garnet Blades Golf Outing
May 20 Union College Reunion W/ Fireworks
May 8 Men's Lax Union vs. RPI
April 9th Birds Mocking and More (Updated Egret & Osprey)
March 26th Union College Lights Out
March 18 "Super Moon"
March 12-13 Union vs Colgate ECAC Round II Games 1&2
February 26 Thruway Concert @ Proctors Theater
February 17 Chuck D @ Schenectady CC
Winter at Union (ongoing)
January 25 Crows Everywhere
January 18 Cardinal Snow
January 16 Coopers Hawk and other Birds
January 8 M. Basketball Amherst vs. Williams
January 8 W. Basketball Amherst vs. Williams
December 31 Bald Eagles Cohoes Falls NY
December 29 Bald Eagle Sate Park PA
December 18 MotorSports on Ice
November 15 M. Basketball RPI vs. Sage
November 13 Football Cortland vs. Ithaca
November 6 2010 Football Union vs US Merchant Marine
October 30 2010 Football Ithaca vs Utica
October 28 Lecture Rebecca Walker
October 23 Football Union Vs Salisbury
October 15 Football Union vs St. Lawrence
October 13 M. Soccer Union vs New Paltz
Sept 25 Football Union vs Rochester
Sept 11 2010 Football Ithaca vs Union
Sept 3 2010 Volleyball Skidmore vs Sage
Sept 3 2010 Volleyball Sage vs. Union
August NYC, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick CA
August 14 2010 Red Tail Hawk
August 7-9 2010 Newport, Milford CT, and Cape Cod
August 6 2010 Melanie Gonzalez Studio Poetry Shoot
July 23 2010 Mystic Connecticut
July 20 2010 Bees and Bunnies
July 17 2010 Union College Summer W/ LIGHTNING Pics
July 9 Studio Shoot Chef Grand Master Gin and Bad B
July 4 Stockbridge Falls, Deer, and Windmills
July 2 2010 Butterflies Cardinals, Goldfinch, and More
June 25 2010 Flowers, Birds, and More
June 22 2010 Birds and More Locks 4 and 5
June 17 2010 Ski Jumping Lake Placid
June 11 2010 Playing For Change Concert
June 11 2010 Turkey Vultures
June 5 2010 Nature turtle, heron and more
May 22 2010 Playground Build "Project Skip"
May 17 2010 Union's Golf Classic
May 15 2010 Union Octopus's Garden
May 15 2010 Union Softball ECAC
May 9 2010 Union Softball LL Champs
May 9 2010 Baseball Union vs. Vassar
May 5 2010 Mi Pham Chef at Union College
May 4 2010 J. Wells & The Ill Funk Band Promo Shoot
April 28 2010 Marlee Matlin visits Union College
March 15/22 2010 Grand Central Station Band
March 15 2010 St. Baldricks Fundraiser Saratoga
March 3rd 2010 Red Tailed Hawk
February 19 2010 Dancing With Faculty
December 27 2009 Yard Birds and Lake Michigan
August 16 2009 Whale Watch Kennebunk ME
July 19 2009 Whale Watch and Town of Gloucester
July 12 2009 Motorcycle Hill Climb Royal Mountain

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